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Going Back for SXSW Seconds

Mar 02, 2010

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SXSW 2010

To say I had an amazing time at last year's SXSW would be an understatement. So, of course, I'm going back this year.

I'm taking the same approach this time around: flexibility. I'm not planning anything. Yes, I want to make it to Happy Cog'aoke 2. Yes, I want to be sure to catch Stephen Anderson's panel, The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions. Yes, I want to hit the frog design party. But stuff happens … hangovers, running into an old friend, meeting a new friend, tired feet, sudden cravings for single-malt scotch …

I'll make it to the panels I can. I'll catch the parties I can. And I'll let the rest work itself out.

Find Me

I will be in Austin, raring for the festivities on Thursday, March 11, until Monday, March 15.

If you want to meet up with me at SXSW (and I hope you do), follow me on Twitter. I'm also using Sitby.us this year (I'm still finalizing my "schedule"), and may stretch my newbie foursquare wings.

Between those three resources, you can stalk me all over Austin.

Book Promotion (AKA Free Shit)

While I may be foolish, I'm no fool. One thing I will definitely be doing at SXSW is book pimpage. Not too much. Just enough for my own satisfaction (and entertainment).

Microformats Are Way Fuckin Cool T-shirts

If you are one of the lucky people to have read my book, you know that I mention an imaginary club, The Microformats Are Way F'n Cool Club (lovingly borrowed from Andy Clarke). You also know that in the book, I mention t-shirts. Well, I've taken my little attempt at literary humor and transformed it into reality.

Because I've become amazingly adept at procrastination, the shirts are still being printed and, as such, I have no photos to share. But here's the mockup:

Microformats Made Simple t-shirt

The all-white shirts will feature the lovely microformats logo on the side, so that it peeks out from both the front and the back.

Then, on the back, just under the collar, the shirts read:

Microformats Made Simple t-shirt text

Yep, they say "fuckin."

Get Yours

I have a very small run of t-shirts to give away at SXSW; probably 2-3 per day (while supplies last). And I have a variety of sizes, including small, x-large and xx-large. I even have a couple long-sleeved versions for very special people.

But these aren't t-shirts for just anyone. You have to work to get one:

  1. Find me at SXSW (rel="met" is a requirement)
  2. Do two of three things:
    • Answer a microformats trivia question. I will have a handful of cards with questions. You pick one.
    • Show me a site where you used microformats. This can be a simple rel microformat or a cool new service that transforms microformats. Up to you.
    • Show/tell me your favorite @emilylewis tweet. No, you don't have to follow me on Twitter, just appreciate me.
  3. Get a rockin' shirt
PG-13 Version

Not everyone is both a microformats and a profanity enthusiast (we're a special group). For those folks, I have some PG-13 t-shirts where "fuckin" is replaced with "f'n" (which is what is in the book anyway):

Microformats Made Simple t-shirt text (pg-13)
Free Copy of Microformats Made Simple

What if you don't think too much about microformats? Or, even worse, don't even know what they are or what they are about? If you happen to fall into that camp, you likely won't be able to win a t-shirt by showing me where you published microformats or knowing what the "h" stands for in many microformat names (hCard, hCalendar, hResume …).

Don't fret! I've got you covered. You can win a free copy of Microformats Made Simple so you can learn all about microformats! And it is even easier than winning a t-shirt:

  1. Find me at SXSW (again, rel="met" is a requirement)
  2. Tell me you want to learn more about microformats and why
  3. Get a copy of my book

I will only have a handful of books to give away at SXSW; probably 1 per day. So find me early.

Microformats Made Simple Discounts

For every person at SXSW who wants one, I will have flyers with a discount code for Microformats Made Simple. So if you haven't bought my book yet (you should, you really should), find me to get this most-excellent discount and begin your journey into the Microformats Are Way Fuckin Cool Club.

Interrobang buttons
Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

I also have a shitload of the interrobang buttons I made for last year's SXSW. If you want one, you got one. No sing and dance. Nada.

In fact, please come get a button (or 20). Please?

Good While Supplies Last

No part of these giveaways is official in any capacity. I reserve the right to give a book or a t-shirt away to someone I think is just really awesome. I also reserve the right to refuse a giveaway if you are a douchebag.

Giveaways are only good while I actually have shit to give away left. Bitching is not accepted if you miss out. And, nope, you can't get a t-shirt by sending me an email or @ing me on Twitter. This stuff is exclusive to SXSW.

Meet Me at MIX

I just lied in that last sentence. Some of these giveaways will also be available to MIX10 attendees.

I don't have all the details to share just yet, but if you are going to be at MIX, I am too! I'm leaving SXSW at the buttcrack–of–dawn on Tuesday, March 16, to head to Las Vegas and catch the last two days of Microsoft's MIX10.

I'm not speaking. I'm there to meet even more new faces and have a blast. So be sure to find me at MIX. There will be a book signing, some other TBD chances for conversation, but mostly just a lot of fun. And I hope you join me!.

I will fill you in on the details once I know the specifics. But either way, pencil me in for those last two days of MIX. You know you wanna hang out.

HTML5 Cookbook

Interested in HTML5?
Get the Cookbook!

I was a contributing author for HTML5 Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon! Get yours now! (I hear chapters 1, 4 and 5 are particularly good.)

P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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Jeremy Keith's Gravatar

Jeremy Keith opines:


Oooh, I want that T-shirt!

Can’t wait to see you again at Southby, Emily. Hard to believe it’s been a year already.

John F Croston III's Gravatar

John F Croston III opines:


Was hoping we all could get together for dinner Thursday night like @Matto set up last year. It would be nice to at least split another bottle of nice wine if nothing else.

Wondering if you have any XXL or XXXL t-shirts?

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Jeremy - I can’t believe it has been a year either! You and Jessica are at the top of my list of must-see people :)

@John - A kick-off dinner would be lovely… Are you organizing anything?

And, yes, I do have a few XXL shirts available.

John F Croston III's Gravatar

John F Croston III opines:


No, formal dinner plans yet. A bunch of us have gone to that restaurant (forgetting name right now) the last two or so years at like 6 or 7 PM for dinner, before heading over to Buffalo Billiards for the rest of the evening.

You staying at Hampton Inn?

Keith Casey's Gravatar

Keith Casey opines:


I’m looking forward to SXSW this year. I have lots of chaos and antics planned. ;) I’ll have to track you down to check out the book and shirts. I don’t suppose you have stickers?

I almost ended up at MIX too.. I had an invite but between SXSW and a rough launch schedule, I just couldn’t swing it.

And the final Cogaoke spot should go to my friend and sxsw roommate Scriggi-tay! Go Vote!

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@John - Sent you an email :)

@Keith - Already did all my voting, but see Sciggi-tay made it :) I’m so looking forward to that night!

Definitely do find me, but, alas, I have no stickers :(

kosmar's Gravatar

kosmar opines:


i do want that button, so i hope to find you. [not being a coder i won’t be able to match thsirt requirements :( ]

Phillip's Gravatar

Phillip opines:


I won’t be at SXSW, but are there any other ways one could get one of the f’n awesome t-shirts? Those are the must have item of the year!

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Phillip - Sorry :( All t-shirts are for SXSW and MIX attendees only.

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