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Emily Lewis

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I live in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I'm the owner for and lead developer of Bright Umbrella, a small web design and development studio. I specialize in semantic markup and CSS, designing accessible web sites, and writing and optimizing web content. I'm an expert in content management systems, and I'm a big fan of ExpressionEngine, Craft and Statamic.

I'm a web geek of the "standardista" variety. I get excited about things like usability, semantics, microformats, valid markup and CSS, and conquering IE "quirks."

In addition to loving all things web, I'm rather fond of tattoos, abnormal and forensic psychology, and beer.

I'm also a profanity enthusiast with an affection for the word "fuck."

As a writer and editor, I have a fascination with grammar and punctuation, as well as an addiction to my thesaurus and AP Stylebook.

I am also passionate about community building and sharing ideas. I serve as Managing Editor of Web Standards Sherpa and co-host the internationally-acclaimed CTRL+CLICK CAST.

And, for a bit more shameless self promotion …

I wrote a book! Microformats Made Simple is available for sale now. If you buy a copy, I promise to love you forever.

I also am a contributing author for HTML5 Cookbook, which is now available for sale on Amazon! (P.S. I hear chapters 1, 4 and 5 are particularly good.)


So, you've fallen in love with A Blog Not Limited and you need more? Head on over to Bright Umbrella where you can see examples of my work.

And if that isn't enough, go get your Emily fix from:

Yeah, I know. I have a social networking addiction am well-versed in social networking.

Hire Me!

In 2009, I left the "joys" of working for a huge corporate monster to pursue the adventure of working for myself.

If you need top-notch web design, development and/or a CMS, Let's talk.

About This Blog

A Blog Not Limited is my personal blog, where I publish articles and encourage discussion on web design, standards and semantics. But, as the name indicates, I also cover topics outside the web industry when the mood strikes me (which turns out to be far more often than I originally anticipated).

A Blog Not Limited is in a state of ongoing development, which basically means I have a huge laundry lists of design and development modifications that I look at every day and feel guilty about not addressing. But this doesn't hold me back from publishing articles. Content does dictate design, so I'm happily generating content to salve my neglectful guilt.

And with regard to my content: Like George Carlin, I don't believe there are any "bad words" … the casual use of obscenities isn't just reserved for drunken sailors. So the language I choose to use in my writings is colorful and sprinkled (sometimes doused) with obscenities.

If you don't like it, don't read it.


The Bones

A Blog Not Limited is built with ExpressionEngine, my CMS of choice.


A Blog Not Limited is hosted by EngineHosting, my favorite hosting company ever. Their service and support is truly exceptional.


A Blog Not Limited uses Google Analytics to track activity. While the stats are depressing, the tool is amazing (that's what she said).

Your Privacy

I fully respect the privacy of my admirers readers, especially those who post comments on A Blog Not Limited and those who send me email.

I require everyone who comments on A Blog Not Limited to provide an email address so that I can, if necessary, reply back. I will never share email addresses without permission.


All content and comments on A Blog Not Limited are the sole responsibility of me, Emily Lewis, and do not reflect the opinions of my (former) employer or current clients.

The Coolest Person I Know

Emily Lewis

Yeah, that would be me: Emily Lewis.

I'm a freelance web designer of the standardista variety, which means I get excited about things like valid POSH, microformats and accessibility. I ply my trade from my one-person design studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A Blog Not Limited is my personal blog where I pontificate about web design, web standards, semantics and whatever else strikes my fancy. Head on over to Emily Lewis Design if you'd like to see my work or, even better, hire me.

If you want more, start from the top of this page, silly. You are on the About page, after all.

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