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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Feb 20, 2009

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One Hundred Push Ups

I started the 100 push ups program back in early July 2008. It is now 7 months later, and I still haven't completed the program.

Crazy, I know.

The Reasons Excuses

At first, it was a plateau that took me weeks to get past.

Then it was a series of illnesses and injuries. But, after a bout with bronchitis in October and a wrist injury, I renewed my focus on the program in November.

And then came December, during which I spent over two weeks in Seattle with friends and family. My exercise regimen over the holidays was limited to shoveling Christmas cookies into my mouth and drinking copious amounts of beer, with short interruptions of skiing.

Once I returned from Seattle in January, though, I was determined to get back on the program. And then I got the flu … twice in three weeks.

I'm Nothing If Not Tenacious

Having set my mind on completing the program (regardless of the timeframe), I resumed my push ups regimen a couple of weeks ago. But, while my highest max set was 55 push ups at the peak of my progress, it had dropped down to (a very painful) 30.

Admittedly frustrated, I pretty much had to start over. But fuck all, I am gonna get to 100.

So I'm back on the program, working on week 3. My max set right now is 33.

I'm doing my damndest to take care of myself so that any illness or injury doesn't set me back yet again. And I'm mentally telling myself that my two upcoming trips are unacceptable excuses to not keep up with the program.

Two Hundred Sit Ups

Two Hundred Sit Ups

Despite my stellarly slow progress with 100 push ups, I really like the program. The structure is perfect for me. So when I heard the folks behind the program had developed the 200 sit ups program, I decided to give it a shot.

As with the push ups program, starting the 200 sit ups requires an initial test to see just how many sits up you can do.

I was surprised to discover that I could do 75!

Based on the initial test of 75, the program recommended that I start on week three, which works nicely because that's the same week I'm on with push ups.

And I like the sit ups program just as much as the push ups. Maybe even more. I think I have more core strength than upper body, so I'm able to do more sit ups easier than push ups.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

I'm as determined to reach 200 sit ups as I am to reach 100 push ups. But I'm less concerned with how quickly I reach those goals.

I'm doing both of these programs for me. Any deadlines are arbitrary in the grand scheme of things. Reaching the goals is enough to keep me motivated indefinitely.

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