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Back on Track … Finally

Nov 04, 2008

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One Hundred Push Ups

As I've blogged previously, I've been doing the 100 push ups program.

And, as I've also blogged previously, my progress has been slower than the program's "advertised" six weeks. Yet, I've been extremely pleased with my (slow) progress.

From my first exhaustion test of 9 push ups, I've more than quadrupled my maximum with an exhaustion test of 41 push ups.

I hit a plateau along the way, stuck at a max of 33 push ups for almost 7 weeks. Then, with some help from my trainer, I broke that plateau and was about to dive into the program's week 6 for the first time.

Not So Fast, Sparky

And then I got bronchitis.

I couldn't do much of anything for over two weeks. Granted I felt like complete shit from being sick, but I was even more frustrated that I pretty much had to put a halt on all physical activities.

But I finally got better (thanks to a much-needed, but far–too–late visit to the doctor). I decided that rather than going straight into week 6, I should do an exhaustion test.

Well, I wasn't where I was before the bronchitis (41 push ups), but not too far off: 35 push ups.

Fine. Adjusting plan; starting week 5 (again) the next day.

Another Roadblock

Just my luck, I woke up the next day with a completely fucked up right wrist. Swollen, tender, limited range of motion and I couldn't put any pressure on it.

Damn it all!

Yeah, I was more pissed about not being able to get back on the 100 push ups program than I was concerned about what the fuck I did to my wrist.

To this day, I have no idea. But a week of chiropractic, ultrasound and ice, and my wrist is back to normal.

Week 5 & A New Tool

And I'm back on the program. Yes, week 5 again (for the sixth time). And I couldn't be happier.

Well, actually I could … and am.

Turns out during my month-long hiatus, the program added a Push Ups Logger. This is just a simple application where you can track your work outs, including the week and day you are on, as well as your exhaustion tests.

You can also share your log online. Here's mine.

I had just been mentally keeping track of things, so this little tool has been quite useful for me. If you are doing the program, as well, I suggest you check it out.

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