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Introducing Webuquerque: A Success!

Jan 22, 2009

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Last night was the inaugural event for Webuquerque, a new Adobe User Group for New Mexico web practitioners, and it was a great success!

Over 25 people attended Introducing Webuquerque to learn about the new NMAUG group and our 2009 schedule, meet some of the presenters and other attendees, and win schwag.

Social Media Works

In my first post on Webuquerque, I mentioned that we are utilizing social media to help promote Webuquerque. And based on last night's turnout, it is working.

The group of attendees were a mix of folks who follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Upcoming and Duke City Fix, as well as members of NMAUG.

If you aren't already following us on one (or more) of these social sites, please join/follow us.

Proof Is in the Pictures

We also have a Flickr group, and I've uploaded the pictures from last night's event:

  • Introducing Webuquerque
  • Introducing Webuquerque
  • Introducing Webuquerque
  • Introducing Webuquerque

You can also check out the entire Introducing Webuqeurque set.

Please feel free to comment, tag and make notes on any of these pictures. And be sure to join Webuquerque on Flickr!

What's Next

Right around the corner is our first presentation: Social Media Means Business on Wednesday, February 4, 2009, beginning at 6:30 pm:

A discussion on using social media for business and communication:

  • Albuquerque local and Comcast Vice President Scott Westerman will discuss building profitable customer relationships using social media, particularly Twitter.
  • New Mexico political blogger Matthew Reichbach will discuss blogging as a communication medium, as well as using social media to promote his blog.
  • Webuquerque co-manager Jason Nakai will discuss how Webuquerque is using Facebook, Upcoming, Flickr and Duke City Fix to promote the user group and connect/collaborate with other groups.

This presentation will be followed by socializing for folks who care to stick around.

As with last night's event, we planned to host this presentation at Uptown Sports Bar and Grill. But after realizing there was no door to separate our room from the noise of the bar, we are going to look into alternatives.

However, we are also going to speak with the owner about our options for turning off or down the music during our presentations. So for now, plan on Uptown. We will notify everyone immediately if the venue changes.

2009 Presentation Schedule

And be sure to mark your calendars with our entire 2009 schedule:

March 4
Topic: Cascading Style Sheets
Presenters: Jason Nakai & Emily Lewis
April 1
Topic: Agile and UX Design
Presenter: Kevin Silver
May 6
Topic: Web Standards & Accessibility With Dreamweaver
Presenters: Virginia DeBolt & Emily Lewis
June 3
Topic: Workflows in Adobe CS4
Presenter: Jason Nakai
July 1
Topic: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Presenter: Chris Kenworthy
August 5
Topic: Development Frameworks & Libraries
Presenter: Mark Casias
September 2
Topic: Podcasting & Vodcasting
Presenter: Vincent Ascoli
October 7
Topic: Microformats
Presenter: Emily Lewis
November 4
Topic: Web marketing
Presenter: Reid Givens
December 2

Note: Topics and presenters subject to change.

A Huge Thanks

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and we look forward to seeing you at our future events!

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Chantal opines:


Congratulations! Everyone is talking about what a success the Webuquerque kickoff was. Hope to join you next time.

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Emily responds:


@Chantal - Thanks so much! The turnout far exceeded our expectations. We are so excited about the speakers/presentations we have lined up.

Would love to see you next time :)

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