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I Share Because I’m Selfish

Jul 30, 2012

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One of my passions is sharing information. Writing, podcasting, editing, presenting, teaching, mentoring … they are all active and important parts of my life. I get excited when someone is inspired by a presentation, or when a reader learns something new from an article.

It's satisfying to give back to the community, especially one that has taught me so much.

But as good as that feels, giving back isn't my motivation. Neither is education. As I discuss in my June Pastry Box contribution, I do it for me.

Learning & Branding

I hated school, but love learning. I think this is why web work appeals to me: I can teach myself and there's always something new to learn.

But not every employer encourages learning something new. And not every project requires something new.

Yet every article I write, every presentation I give and every podcast I co-host are opportunities for me to learn. My involvement in these projects guarantees that I have dedicated time to experiment and grow each and every week.

This is my motivation, as I explain in my Pastry Box. And then, of course, every article I write, every presentation I give and every podcast I co-host are opportunities for me to brand and market myself. As a freelancer, this exposure is critical in helping me build my business.

Go read it!

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