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Useful Tweets 19

Mar 22, 2009

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Last week I attended the SXSW interactive conference, which ended up being far more fun than I ever anticipated. However, this fun meant no Useful Tweets last week … not that I was tweeting much of anything useful while I was there.

So this installment includes links from the past two weeks' tweets that referenced web design/development resources, interesting products, things that made me laugh and other stuff I (loosely) deem "useful."

And if the delay had you fiending for your Emily fix, you can always follow me on Twitter for more immediate linky goodness.

March 8–22, 2009

One of the main resources I turned to when I first got into web design was Digital Web Magazine, which continually delivered high-quality, informative information on all things web. Sadly, this venerable publication is closing its doors.
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I love The Muppets. I miss those Friday nights (or was it Saturday?) of childhood, eagerly awaiting the latest show. And while Janice was always (and still is) my favorite, the Swedish Chef was a close second. A deserved tribute to put a smile on anyone's face. "Bork, bork, bork!"
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I like this concept of usable accessibility, rather than segmenting usability and accessibility into different arenas. From my perspective the two go hand in hand.
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Because the world obviously needs another "Day of," I give you the International Day of Awesomeness. This just happens to be something I celebrate every day, because "awesome" is my middle name … oh, and so is "danger" … and "douchebag."
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I'm a big old dork about typefaces (and in general). So I seriously want this Periodic Table of Typefaces as a print in my office. Avant Garde FTW!
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Anyone who even casually knows me knows about my fascination with crime thrillers, serial killers and the like. I have a valid excuse: my first love (before I met the World Wide Web) was forensic psychology, and I thought I'd end up working for the FBI. Paths and passions change, but my fascination never has. This shower curtain is made for me.
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So IE 8 is out. Meh. I'll be far more excited if it leads to the fast destruction of IE 6. Until then, meh.
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Fuck off IE 6. My sentiments exactly.
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In my current job, I've had the ecstatic pleasure of designing emails for marketing campaigns. I mean, this is seriously good stuff: nested tables, font tags galore, redundant styles. All to get the broadest range of display consistency across email clients. This new study from Campaign Monitor on email client popularity would've been useful.
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I love grammar. Really I do. Doesn't mean I know everything (well, I have to act modest, don't I?). And since I'm an AP gal, it's always useful to know what other style manuals call for. The Chicago Manual of Style Q&A is a perfect tasty tidbit of grammar goodness.
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Who doesn't love beer? Certainly not me. We've been having a torrid love affair for years and it's been getting pretty serious lately. The time has come for me to know beer's family history.
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HTML5 Cookbook

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P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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