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The Last Useful Tweets (#29)

Jan 26, 2010

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Yes, you read that title right. This is the last post in my Useful Tweets series. I seriously doubt you are disappointed by this news, as these posts are my least read. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised is no one is reading this now.

The series started as an attempt for me to take advantage of my "micro-blogging" on Twitter and generate content for this blog without having to do too much. But I'm getting increasingly less prolific on Twitter, particularly with updates that include links to anything useful, and these posts are getting less timely.

As such, this is the end. I'll still be making noise over at Twitter, but if you want to see what links and resources I find most useful, just subscribe to my Google Reader or Delicious feeds. That's where the good stuff will mostly likely be.

With that, I bid a not–so–fond farewell to Useful Tweets with my last collection of subjectively-useful links from the past few months.

November 9 – January 24, 2010

Self love is really the best love. And just because you're lovin' on yourself, doesn't mean you are necessarily lonely. So don't let the title throw you; there are some winners here: Sex Positions for the Lonely.
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As a woman, I can't relate to this particular issue. But, I gotta give a shout out to anything that promotes fresh balls. And, yes, this site is totally real.
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Sometimes it is so nice to realize I am not alone in dealing with fucktards at work. Thank you, Clients From Hell.
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Uppercase Scarf. Do want. Yes, I'm a typography and font dork.
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More typographic fun, accompanied by a great Taylor Mali poem: Typography.
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Amid my growing disgust and dissatisfaction with my job and its associated fucktards, I watch Lemonade the Movie and just feel guilty. Guilty that I'm complaining about a (shitty) job when other people are losing theirs. And guilty that I don't have the balls to quit and see what life holds in store for me.
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My boyfriend recently got a new kitten. After a few weeks, we discovered she had tapeworms (I know. Gross!) and so we dewormed her and my two cats. This instructional guide on How to Give a Pill to a Cat was invaluable.
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Shatner makes me want to make love to a mountain.
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How do farmers say I love you? With shit. Because it's the little things that matter most.
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Farting is a major part of my day. Seriously. Ask my boyfriend. So, I wanted to learn all the facts about this most auspicious of my daily activities. And what did I learn? That I am, as in many areas of life, above average.
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And the microformats developments just keep coming! Google Rich Snippets is now also utilizing hCalendar for event information.
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There are so few words for this unicorn video. "Creepy," "freakier than fuck, " and "can't stop watching" are the first that come to mind.
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todd's Gravatar

todd opines:


Just so you know you are not completely unappreciated, an easy feeling for blogger, I read them :-)

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Todd - You’re the first person ever to comment on one of these Useful Tweets posts. Thanks for letting me know the effort wasn’t entirely wasted :)

Ian Pitts's Gravatar

Ian Pitts opines:


I go through and read them as well. I don’t leave Twitter running all day due to the massive distraction it causes on top of all the other daily interruptions but when I have a free moment to catch up, you usually have captured the important stuff. I’ll just have to keep watching http://delicious.com/eplewis from now on.

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