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Mar 02, 2009

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Not so much this past week in terms of web design/development resources, but a few things that made me laugh and other stuff I (loosely) deem useful.

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February 22 — March 1, 2009

Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody? is a poignant short film that, I have to admit, makes me laugh … the sick sort of laughter at other people's discomfort. And then I feel sad. Not because I'm laughing at other people, but because I'm confident I'm not anyone's favorite person. Well, unless I count myself. I'm definitely my own favorite person.
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Triple word score on Scrabble's Word of the Day: "Dildo." Hehehe … dildo.
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Going to SXSW? I am. And SCHED*SXSW has already made my schedule planning a piece of cake.
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Their music rocks, as does their name: Hot Bitch Arsenal. 'Nuff said.
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Improper word usage is a pet peeve of mine. "Served" vs. "serviced" really drives me nuts, because the marketing idiots that I've had the "pleasure" of working with during my professional career constantly get this one wrong. And there's a huge difference.
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During my tenure as a web professional, I've come to believe that the behavior of off-site links should be up to the user. Unless I'm constrained by idiotic work requirements by bobbleheads who know no better and refuse to listen to me, I don't open off-site links in new windows.
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I had seen The Snuggie and threw it into that somewhat reviled category of products "As Seen on TV." And then came the Lippi Selk Bag. I want this so badly I can't even see straight. Would be so perfect for camping. Hell, would be perfect for just around the house during the winter … especially while I dance around and sing "Mr. Roboto."
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While I vaguely remember those days in school where fitting in was the only thing worth living for, I never resorted to making a list of ways to be cool. This is, quite certain, the only way to ensure you will never be "cool." Well, except for the hanging out with Steve part … that's a guaranteed Fonzie pass.
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The only reason I would ever buy a Kindle is if it truly is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Ford Prefect delivered it to my door.
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Apparently the Happy Webbies have been around awhile. Typically late to the game, I only discovered them last week when folks were touting the redesign. And, true, very nice design. But the collection is pure awesomeness.
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