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T-Shirts! Get Your Microformats Made Simple T-Shirts!

Mar 11, 2010

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Microformats Made Simple t-shirt

Show your love for microformats at SXSW, and you could get one of these t-shirts!

Photo by NDesigns.net

If you're going to be at SXSWi this year and you dig microformats, find me! You could win a free Microformats Made Simple t-shirt!

The rules are simple:

  1. Find me at SXSW (rel="met" is a requirement)
  2. Do two of three things:
    • Answer a microformats trivia question. I will have a handful of cards with questions. You pick one.
    • Show me a site where you used microformats. This can be a simple rel microformat or a cool new service that transforms microformats. Up to you.
    • Show/tell me your favorite @emilylewis tweet. No, you don't have to follow me on Twitter, just appreciate me.
  3. Get a t-shirt!

How to Find Me

The most difficult part of the rules is probably going to be finding me. But I'm trying to make it easier for you microformats lovers … I'm using these at SXSW to track my location and antics:

And I'm using these to track the panels I'm going (to try) to attend:

Feel free to follow along on any of these services. And, of course, you could just randomly run into me and still win a shirt … as long as you don't run into me with a car or other vehicle.

R-Rated & PG13 Versions

Microformats Made Simple t-shirt

PG13-rated version

Photo by NDesigns.net

I've got a small number of these t-shirts to give away, so first–come–first–served. And, due to some issues with the first screen printer I used, I only have short-sleeved and sizes M, L and XL.

I also have two versions of this shirt. One for my fellow profanity enthusiasts, which reads Microformats Are Way Fucking Cool. This is the one I'll be sporting.

And then, for those less colorful with language, a version that reads Microformats Are Way F'n Cool. (If you've read my book, you'll recognize this reference to an imaginary club I wrote about.)

How I Suffer for You

You may have noticed I mentioned a "first" screen printer. That's because I have two batches of this shirt. The first batch was with a local printer who is a casual friend. A really nice guy and very creative, but suffice it to say, I've learned my lesson about doing business with friends.

About 1/2 of the batch was unusable, but the other 1/2 they are just fine. That is to say, they are perfectly awesome t-shirts with the microformats logo and the text on the back. However, they did not turn out as I had designed. So, these are the t-shirts you'll get if all the others have been given away. Trust me. They are equally cool. And, what could you complain about? They're free.

Microformats Made Simple t-shirt in production

Production of the t-shirts at NDesigns

Photo by NDesigns.net

Which brings me to the second screen printer, NDesigns.net. My buddy Chris Kenworthy recommended them and even started the whole second-batch going (that's because I was freaking the fuck out about the first batch).

And the experience (and results) couldn't have been better. NDesigns had my t-shirt design mocked-up in an hour. They moved other jobs to rush mine, and had the shirts done in a single business day. They sent me many photos of the shirts during all phases. And then they overnighted the shipment to my hotel in Austin, where I eagerly await to pick it up.

More Giveaways

This t-shirt giveaway is just one part of my evil plan shameless self-promotion at SXSW and MIX10. In addition to the t-shirts, I'm also giving away other goodies: copies of Microformats Made Simple, book discounts and buttons.

MIX10? Yep. I'm going to be there too as part of a "Catch MIX If You Can" thingamajig I'm doing with Microsoft and a small group of fellow web and tech industry leaders (did you see how I just called myself an "industry leader"?).

I'll be posting more about "Catch MIX If You Can" in a day or two, but one thing I'll be doing there is giving away goodies. So if you'll be at MIX, plan on finding me there too!

HTML5 Cookbook

Interested in HTML5?
Get the Cookbook!

I was a contributing author for HTML5 Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon! Get yours now! (I hear chapters 1, 4 and 5 are particularly good.)

P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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Jennifer opines:


Love the boldness of your articles! Outspoken and to the point. Thanks for the NDesigns shout-out! Just doing what we love. :)

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Zeke Franco opines:


Thanks for the shirt! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Microformats Made Simple.

It was nice meeting you and Jason.

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