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The Best $40 I Ever Spent

Aug 16, 2008

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I love my two cats, Guinness and Jersey. Yet there is one thing I hate about having cats: the shedding.

Guinness' shedding is particularly bad. While she's a short-haired cat, she has an undercoat that leaves behind clumps of hair everywhere she goes.

From the day I brought her home almost 12 years ago, I have had to brush her every day. Still, the shedding was a problem. And I end up having to vacuum every day because I can't stand the clumps of hair everywhere.

Until now.

The FURminator

I can't remember when or where I first heard of it, but The FURminator has changed my life.

Photo of Guinness and hair removed using The FURminator

Guinness, FURminated

About a month ago, I bought this "de-shedding" tool at my local PetSmart. It was $40, and I was skeptical. I even made sure the store would accept a return if I opened the package and used it but wasn't satisfied.

I needn't have worried. The first time I used The FURminator on Guinness, I removed so much hair it was shocking.

Since that day, I only have to brush Guinness about once a week, and the amount of hair that The FURminator removes now is dramatically less … maybe a tenth of what I got the first time.

And when I pet her now, I'm not left with tons of hair in my hands. Even better, I only have to vacuum about once a week.

The added bonus: Guinness' coat looks amazing. It looks healthier and shinier, and she has much less dander.

The FURminator is a must-have for any pet owner who wants to get control over a shedding problem.

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Jen's Gravatar

Jen opines:


On Emily’s strong recommendation, I purchased the larger version for the world’s hairiest dog, Leroy.

Though he still has a lot of hair each time he is brushed, also about once a week, his coat looks beautiful and clean. I still vacuum a ton, but I also have a husband and two very messy children, and the world’s hairiest, dreaded cat, Bubba.

Definitely worth the cash.

Gryffyn's Gravatar

Gryffyn opines:


An idea for Furminator users. Make new friends:


David's Gravatar

David opines:


Jen, Have you tried it on Jon?  I bet he sheds a ton too.

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Gryffyn - That is great. I think I’d kill myself before having a cat with that much hair.

@David - Oh so good ;)

Greg's Gravatar

Greg opines:


Something else you might invest in, a good vacuum.  Woot has a Dyson hand held up for a great price today. ($70)

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Greg - That is on my list too. I really want to get the DC17 Absolute Animal, but it sells for almost $600. I’ll have to keep my eye on Woot ... thanks!

Greg's Gravatar

Greg opines:


There always seems to be good deals to be found on the DC04s and every once in a while the DC14s if you wanna step down a little but still have a Dyson upright vacuum.  I think the DC04s were going for around $250 for a refurbished model

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