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Multiple Site Management @ Engine Summit

Jul 22, 2011

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Engine Summit

Last month, I was once again honored to participate in another Environments for Humans online conference. This time around, as part of the Engine Summit, where I talked about multiple site management in ExpressionEngine.

MSM: The Whys and Hows

My presentation detailed the reasons why the MSM expansion is a good, affordable option for developers and clients who need to manage multiple sites (d'oh) from a single EE control panel.

I also talked about some of the other benefits of MSM, primarily from a practical perspective. I showed MSM "in the wild," including how a Fortune 500 company is using it for its international sites and how a university uses MSM for departmental sites.

And then I wrapped things up with a walkthrough showing how ridiculously easy it is to setup and start working with MSM. My slidedeck is available, so see for yourself (and check out the resources I referenced):

Don't Miss the CSS Summit!

Not only do I like presenting for these online conferences (two thumbs up for pajama bottoms and slippers), I love attending them. Compared to the hassles and costs of traveling (even locally) to events, E4H's virtual conferences can't be beat.

And lucky you, they've got another one coming up next week! July 26- 27 is the CSS Summit, featuring some of the best front-end developers and designers in our field. Tickets are still available, which means you can hear the creative talents of folks like Jonathan Snook, Zoe Gillenwater, Stephanie Rewis, Paul Irish, Nicole Sullivan and more from the comfort of your own office (or couch or wherever you choose).

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