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Get My (Designer’s) Perspective @ jQuery Summit

Oct 15, 2010

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jQuery Summit

Once again, I'm joining the fine folks at Environments for Humans for one of their fantastic online conferences.

This time, I'm way out of my league, speaking alongside some of the top names in the industry for the jQuery Summit on November 16 and 17.

A Designer's Perspective on jQuery

My talk, which will be the first day of the summit (that's November 16, if you have short-term memory problems), is just what the title says.

I'm no developer. And I'm fairly challenged when it comes to JavaScript. But as a designer, I've come to know, understand (sorta) and love jQuery as a simple means to get interactivity on my sites without sacrificing (too much) in terms of my markup, CSS or design. And that's what I'll talk about:

  • Ease of use (documentation with plain English language, installation)
  • jQuery UI, Themeroller
  • Maintaining semantic markup
  • Keeping things accessible
  • Getting over the intimidation factor to become a better designer

Interested in a sneak peek? Read my jQuery, A Designer's Perspective.

Big Brains

As much as I like to shamelessly self promote, I have to admit that my little "designer's perspective" is not the reason why you should attend the jQuery Summit.

Resig. Snook. Bango. Sexton. Irish. Murphy. Coyier. They, and the other speakers, are why you should attend.

You'll be getting incredible information and knowledge from some of the most talented folks in our industry. And all from the comfort of home (or wherever you may be), without the hassles of travel, extra expenses, or exposure to some carrier monkey with the flu.

I've not only presented for E4H's online conferences before, but I've been an attendee. And the experience is relaxing, informative and surprisingly engaging … sometimes moreso than actually attending a physical conference, because you have first-person access to the speakers via chat.

A Discount, Because I Love You

Of course, I wouldn't tease you with all this awesomeness without helping you make it (figuratively) to the summit (my, I'm using a lot of parentheses in this post aren't I?).

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Individual tickets are $179.00 for each day, or get a one for both days for $299.00. Got a big group? Consider their meeting room tickets.

And once you've decided what ticket you want, apply discount code JQUERY2EMILY to save 20% (or use this link with the code already applied).

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