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Judging the .net Awards

Oct 07, 2010

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.net magazine Awards 2010

Now that my site has launched, I'm back to business here on A Blog Not Limited. I know, I know … you've been missing me, and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.

The first note of business is to mention that I'm (beyond) honored to be one of those deemed judgmental enough to assess and rate the work of my fellow web slingers in the 2010 .net Awards. (Bwahahaha … I have the power!)

The second note of business it ask you to cast your own votes in this year's awards. Voting ends in a few days on October 12, so do it … do it now!

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Prajapati KV's Gravatar

Prajapati KV opines:


Congrats! You truely deserve this honor.

Toby's Gravatar

Toby opines:


Some interesting categories…standards champion of the year…

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