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It’s Nomination Time for the .net Awards

May 20, 2011

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Once again, I'm going to be a judge for the .net Awards! I'm not sure why they have me, but I'm glad to accept and feed my delusion that I have some power in this world.

But, before the judging can begin, there need to be candidates. And nominations are being accepted now.

The Categories

Please take a few minutes to consider colleagues, co-workers, friends and muses who are worthy of recognition in this year's categories:

  • Web app of the year
  • API use of the year
  • Podcast of the year (audio/video)
  • Viral campaign of the year
  • Innovation of the year
  • Open source app of the year
  • Mobile app of the year
  • Mobile site of the year
  • Site of the year
  • Redesign of the year
  • Brilliant newcomer award
  • Young designer of the year
  • Young developer of the year
  • Designer of the year
  • Developer of the year
  • Agency of the year

Got some folks in mind? Then get your recommendations in before July 15, 2011!

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