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Useful Tweets 15

Feb 17, 2009

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Links from last week's tweets that referenced web design/development resources, interesting products, things that made me laugh and other stuff I (loosely) deem "useful."

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February 8–15, 2009

As a self-professed "profanity enthusiast," I absolutely loved hearing these profanity laden audio clips of Barack Obama reading from his Dreams of My Father book. Further proof that profanity isn't just for drunken sailors.
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I love beer and, strangely, I love glassware. As such, this hopside down beer glass is going on my birthday wishlist.
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Yet another useful Firefox add-on for web development: Firescope. Integrates with the über-excellent Firebug add-on to provide HTML and CSS reference panels. Note: Firescope is "experimental," so use at your own risk.
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Absolutely amazing street art from the French group La Machine: La Princesse in Liverpool. I would've loved to see this massive spider trolling around town.
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I seriously suck at math, and I particularly hate those moments in my web development where math is required. I'm hoping this handy-dandy conversion chart of pixels to ems makes my life a bit easier … especially when I'm working on a flexible layout.
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It is a rare occasion when Smashing Magazine posts something I consider even partially useful or informative (daily, I ask myself why I subscribe to their RSS). But their recent 10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Web Sites really hit home … probably because it is written by Paul Boag (glad to see they are attempting to improve their content from good writers). All personal criticism of SM aside, the article reads like a case study of my employer. Basically, if there is a way to do things wrong with our web development, the bobbleheads who make the decisions will always go that route. It is frustrating at its best, soul-sucking at its worst.
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While I'm not a back-end developer, I'm still very pleased to see Yahoo! BOSS API can now access SearchMonkey structured data, including microformats and RDF. Viva la microformats!
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2009 marks the 200th anniversary of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin's birth. In honor of Darwin Day, this Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds video offers an amazing perspective on evolution. I particularly love the "blip" of humankind in the grander scheme of life.
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What to do about IE 6 is a common refrain heard amongst web designers and developers … most often in terms of frustration and homicidal anger. A few folks commented about their plans for dealing with this pathetic excuse for a browser: Stop Developing for Internet Explorer 6, No more pixel perfectionism in IE 6 and To hell with IE 6? More like to hell with "good enough". Alas, I'm far from confident these suggestions will make any dent in the far–too–prevalent use of IE 6 any time soon.
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The fucktards that are Microsoft have announced an IE 8 blacklist. Basically, to get standards rendering in IE 8, sites must "opt in" or be blacklisted. Such bullshit.
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I definitely fall in the camp of folks who pay attention to fonts and typography. I'm always tickled when I can identify a font used in a logo or billboard or packaging or whatever. This Deep Font Challenge game takes advantage of this "font fetish" and is highly addictive (you've been warned).
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Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite social holidays for a variety of reasons, particularly what I believe to be a commercial exploitation of " love." Still, I love this On Valentine's Day video "tribute" from the wonderfully funny Ze Frank.
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