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EE Podcast Live & Uncut

Oct 31, 2012

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EE Podcast

A very special episode of the EE Podcast is available for your listening pleasure!

For episode 80, Lea and I were at EECI 2012 US! A completely different episode than we've done before, we had a ton of fun with a record 10 guests participating in trivia challenges and interviews.

Episode #80

Our live and uncut episode from EECI is unlike anything we've done before!

We kicked off the show with a trivia challenge between three EECI attendees. Kelly Cook, Jean St. Armand and Aaron Sherrill competed to win a sweet prize pack including a Mijingo title and licenses from Pixel & Tonic and Mithra62.

The middle of our episode features interviews with EECI speakers. Eric Lamb and Ben Croker joined us to discuss add-on development, while Brad Parscale and Ryan Irelan discussed community.

We concluded the live podcast with a trivia Master's Tournament featuring EE pros Chad Crowell, Anna Brown and Michael Boyink who competed for the coveted “EE Master” title, as well as developer licenses from DevDemon and a year of hosting with EngineHosting.

Have a listen yourself!

A Million Thank Yous

If you were at EECI or paying attention to Lea on Twitter before the conference, you know we had a bit of drama: Lea realized at the last minute that her passport was expired. There were about 36 hours when we didn't think she'd be able to make the conference. Thirty-six hours of me freaking out and trying to come up with the resources necessary to pull off a successful podcast without my partner–in–crime.

While Lea ultimately made it to the conference, I wouldn't have been able to keep my sanity during those 36 hours without the incredible people at EECI who offered help and support without question:

  • Ryan Battles, who was 100% ready to help with anything I needed … from pinch-hitting for Lea to doing a speaker interview.
  • Laurie Ruggles, who tolerated my bitching and whining on Sunday night.
  • Ryan Masuga, who helped me come up with potential folks to act as guest co-host.

And a huge thanks to our trivia prize pack sponsors, who (literally at the last minute) chipped in licenses and titles for our trivia challenge winners:

  • Eric Lamb, Mithra62
  • Brad Parscale, DevDemon
  • Nevin Lyne, EngineHosting
  • Brandon Kelly, Pixel & Tonic
  • Ryan Irelan, Mijingo

Stay Tuned!

For our next episode, we continue our “Get to Know #eecms” series with guest Kyle Cotter!

Be sure to check out our schedule for other upcoming topics, and don't miss an episode:

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