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Webuquerque: Introduction to Microformats

Oct 21, 2009

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Earlier this month, Webuquerque hosted Introduction to Microformats, presented by Emily Lewis (that's me!).

We were back at Uptown Sports Bar & Grill, and had a decent turnout of about 21 people. If you weren't among that elite group (or maybe you just need a refresher) here's a recap, the slide deck, video and photos.


I began my presentation with a discussion of what microformats are and their various benefits, including:

  • User experience enhancements like electronic business cards and calendars
  • More meaningful search, such as Google's Rich Snippets
  • Extensible data publishing
  • Simplicity

Then I dove right into some examples of microformats, including rel-tag, hCard and hCalendar. For each of these examples, I emphasized the importance of the web content itself and the use of POSH

Next, I demonstrated some tools and services that utilize microformats:

Lastly, I provided a bunch of resources to help people get started publishing microformats:


My slides were presented as an S5, which is available for your viewing pleasure:

Screen shot of Webuquerque's Introduction to Microformats slideshow


Video of Introduction to Microformats is available on Viddler:


Even though I couldn't serve as photographer, my co-manger Jason Nakai stepped in and captured a few photos of the event:

  • Webuquerque: Introduction to Microformats
  • Webuquerque: Introduction to Microformats
  • Webuquerque: Introduction to Microformats
  • Webuquerque: Introduction to Microformats

Coming in November

Our last presentation for 2009 is Bigger, Faster, Stronger, WOW! Digital Marketing the Right Way on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, beginning at 6:30pm at Uptown Sports Bar and Grill.

In this presentation, 15-year marketing professional Reid Givens will demystify what digital marketing really is and what it is not. This talk will take a holistic look at marketing, focusing on the role digital media plays. The session will cover common mistakes and some advice on how to get it right … along side talking about movies, celebrities, bands and more.

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NMAUG Holiday Party

Webuquerque's final event for the year is the NMAUG Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, where we will be celebrating the holidays with our sister organizations Animotion NM and AdobeQuerque.

The party is scheduled to be held at the downtown Doubletree's Ice Lounge. We are still in the planning stages, but will post final details soon.

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Hope to see you in November!

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