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Useful Tweets 27

Jul 22, 2009

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I'm still busy as hell, but I'm also still committed to this series (for now). So, here are subjectively-useful links from the past several weeks of tweets. If you don't want to wait another month (or more), just follow me on Twitter.

June 21 – July 19, 2009

I have spent more than my fair share of hours (upon days, upon weeks) developing HTML emails for my employer. This effort is torturous, filled with <font>s, redundant CSS and nested <table>s. But to get these emails to work across clients makes it even more painful, particularly when trying to get Outlook to cooperate. So when Microsoft announced Outlook 2010 would continue to use Word as its rendering engine, I felt even more convinced that killing those Microshit idiots would be justifiable homicide. Thankfully, smarter (and more rational) people started fixoutlook.org to try to get Microsoft to embrace email/web standards. Who knows if the effort will work (doubtful, since MS are douchebags), but the concept is great and the mosaic interface is nothing short of astounding.
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Thanks to years of therapy, the natural aging (and wizening process) and a growing realization that life is too short to sweat the small stuff (and most of the big stuff), I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.
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I'm not all that concerned about saving the Earth … mostly because I think those efforts are really about saving the human way of life. I believe in evolution and if that means we fucked up the planet to the point we can no longer survive, then so be it. It's not PC and it's not popular. But then I discovered these Martreeni glasses. Go ahead, call me a treehugger, as long as vodka and cool glassware is involved.
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I'm as juvenile as any 14–year–old boy, so ball (as in testicle) humor is definitely a favorite. Hardees' commercial for its new Biscuit Holes (AKA Goody Balls, Creamy Sweet Holes, Tasty Nuts, Dingle Balls, Fisticles) touches upon perfection in this particular genre.
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HTML5 is all the talk these days. Personally, I've only just experimented with it for the Webquerque site. And it wasn't too difficult. But it also wasn't too easy. HTML5 Doctor is a great resource that breaks down the new specification into easy–to–understand articles and examples that I wish were around when I first delved into HTML5.
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In college, I drank a lot of beer … as I continue to do today. But back then, it was Natty Bo and Beast Lite. Until my senior year, when I met Newcastle Brown, fell in love, and never drank shit beer again. As such, Newkie Brown has a special place in my heart. And it is soon going to be available in a portable draught keg. This alone may make me rethink my atheistic leanings, for there must be a god for this to happen.
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Personally, I don't need any reason or justification to be profane (that's just how I roll). But it is always nice to hear a "reputable" news source support my love of curse words.
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Phaeton is a lovely new handrawn font from the talented and humorous Kevin Cornell.
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For all my bitching and complaining about the objectification of women and misogyny in our industry, I'd be remiss to not point out that there are folks who love female geeks. Plus, I'm a coder girl and there is no doubt my source is tight.
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I love books. And by books, I mean actual books. I'll probably never get a Kindle. I just love the sensory experience of books. This lamp shares my love of books. It's book-sensitive.
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I'm pretty much disgusted by the executive bobblehead-speak that I have to tolerate for my job. It's all talk and posturing; no action. Really wish the bobbleheads I work with would realize how fucking stupid they sound.
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I'd love to go to Mars and be probed by a Martian. It probably won't happen though. Fortunately, part of me will make the journey.
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99.9% of the time, meetings are toxic. They are pointless, useless and more of an opportunity for douchebags to listen to themselves talk while simultaneously preventing other folks from getting actual work done. And they waste an astoundingly ridiculous amount of money.
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Had an amazing, eye-opening experience when I saw RIP: A Remix Manifesto at my local independent theater. Great documentary that explores the world of music mashups and copyright and patent law. Two thumbs up! A must-see.
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