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Useful Tweets 25

Jun 03, 2009

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I'm still ridiculously busy, so Useful Tweets is continuing on a bi-monthly schedule. Don't like waiting? Follow me on Twitter.

For you more patient readers, here are links from the past two weeks' tweets that referenced web design/development resources, interesting products, things that made me laugh and other stuff I deem "useful" according to my own definitions.

May 17–31, 2009

After a long and busy weekend, Mondays suck. In fact, Mondays suck period. So it is always a nice surprise when my favorite comic, Cyanide and Happiness, delivers me a good chuckle Monday morning. Nothing gets the week started right than a vag joke.
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Totally dig this short animation on the myth of creation that is well-suited for my pervertedfertile imagination: space, music and anal fixation.
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While I get that it is a gag gift (pun intended), whipping out a CockBib at any point during an "encounter" guarantees nothing more than you will absolutely not be getting a blow job … or anything else for that matter.
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Like everyone else on the interwebs, I couldn't get enough of The Lonely Island's Jizz in My Pants when it first came (haha, again, pun intended) out. Had the song in my head (hehe) for days. While it doesn't have the same draw, the "ladies response" Puke in My Mouth is good for an LOL or two.
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I'm beyond giddy about all the microformats news lately, and it just keeps coming. Yahoo! recently announced its Placemaker geoparsing service, which (among other things) identifies adr and geo microformat data on pages for geo-enrichment.
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There is very little in this world that truly pulls on my heartstrings (yes, I do indeed have a heart) and makes me laugh. But Tiny Art Director accomplished this feat, with illustrations by a graphic artist who takes art direction and critiques from his four–year–old daughter. Awwww.
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As a kid, I was enamored with face painting and the wonders of makeup art. At home in my mother's makeup, at company picnics, the local fair. If someone could decorate my face, I was game. Now, after seeing these animal hand paintings, I realize that my standards were far too low for makeup artistry.
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Last Day Dream is a poignant and touching short film that gorgeously captures the "life flashing before your eyes" moment. Gave me goosebumps.
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With my love of semantics and structure, I'm kinda digging the idea behind the new Microsyntax.org: conventions for embedding structured information directly in Twitter messages. We are already doing it with "@" and "RT", but this aims to take it further … beyond Twitter even. Will be keeping my eye on developments.
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I'm always interested in seeing what other ExpressionEngine developers do. I particularly like this approach to add-ons, modules and extensions: have them all ready and installed, so you can easily (and quickly) enable them when needed.
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HTML5 Cookbook

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P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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