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Feb 23, 2009

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I was super busy with work last week and, as such, was relatively quiet on Twitter. Still managed to post a handful of links that referenced web design/development resources, interesting products, things that made me laugh and other stuff I (loosely) deem "useful."

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February 15–22, 2009

Lovely use of YQL, jQuery and the hCard microformat to populate web forms takes us one step closer to having a single, consolidated set of personal data that can be distributed across the internet.
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The more I use Twitter, the more I encounter those online moments that just scream for a classic sound effect — like the cheesy joke that still made me chuckle. I give you instant rimshot. What about attempts at humor that fail miserably? instant crickets! And, finally, for tweets wherein someone admits to something silly or clumsy, sad trombone.
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Some (apparently) widely-used and well-known Norwegian sites are telling IE 6 to take a hike. Was the final push I needed to do the same on this blog.
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My inner child (who just happens to be a 13 year-old boy) is perpetually amused by animals humping. These Japanese coin banks truly speak to that inner child. Only to be outdone by a find from a few weeks back of balloon animals doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel … well maybe more like the Spice Channel.
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If you are going to release an album, take a cue from Josh Freese's promotion of his new solo venture, Since 1972. If I were rich, I would no doubt throw down the $75k to eat shrooms and then tool around Hollywood in a Lamborghini. Well, that or the $500 Sizzler all–you–can–eat shrimp.
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Extending Darwin Day another week with very gradual change we can believe in.
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