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Dec 15, 2009

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I took it and so should you; The survey for people who make websites

I have but one question for you: Are you a web professional? If the answer is yes, then take The Survey for People Who Make Websites.

I could go into the whys …

  • Our industry is still young and we need to know more about salaries, titles and roles.
  • In order to negotiate for a raise or a salary for a new job, knowing industry averages is invaluable.
  • It is still unclear (even within our industry) what job titles go with what responsibilities.
  • According to the news, the economy and job market is in the shitter. Would be nice to know how much this is affecting web professionals.
  • If you are looking for a good job, might be nice to see where other professionals are geographically and what they think of their location.
  • There are gender issues that seem to raise their ugly heads at conferences, events … all over the place. How much are these issues actually affecting web jobs? Professionals' perceptions of opportunity?
  • And let's not forget about race or disability. How much do those issues affect web professionals?
  • Thinking about going to school to get some web education? Why not see how important today's web professionals feel their own educations were.
  • You're already in vacation mode anyways, so why not kill some time.

But it is ultimately the fact that this survey is the only source of data about the web as a profession. And you want that data to be as accurate as possible, so it can work for you. Right?

Then take the survey. Nuff said.

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