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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
I started the 100 push ups program back in early July 2008. It is now 7 months later, and I still haven't completed the program. Crazy, I know.
Back on Track … Finally
As I've blogged previously, I've been doing the 100 push ups program. And, as I've also blogged previously, my progress has been slower than the program's "advertised" six weeks. Yet, I've been extremely pleased with my (slow) progress. From my first exhaustion test of 9 push ups, I've more than quadrupled my maximum with an exhaustion test of 41 push ups. I hit a plateau along the way, stuck at a max of 33 push ups for almost 7 weeks.…
As I posted previously, I'm doing the one hundred push ups challenge: a six-week program designed to get me able to do 100 consecutive push ups. I am now on my seventh week.
It has been three weeks since I started the one hundred push ups training program, which is the halfway point. Here's an update on my progress and what I think so far.
Nine the Hard Way
I stumbled across one hundred push ups a few weeks ago and decided to start the program this week. Before starting, I did the initial test and discovered I could only do nine push ups … yeah, nine. I kinda feel pathetic, but nine is my lucky number, so perhaps it is meant to be.

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