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Save 35% On Microformats Made Simple

May 05, 2010

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Microformats Made Simple

If you haven't bought Microformats Made Simple yet (or maybe you want another copy), now is the time to do it!

Purchase Microformats Made Simple from Peachpit.com, enter discount code MICROFORMATS and you will save 35% off the cover price of my book.

In fact, this discount code gives you 35% off your entire Peachpit order and free domestic US shipping!

People Seem to Like It

If you aren't sure whether you should buy a copy, I promise it's a keeper!

But don't rely on my biased words. Check out the 5-star reviews on Amazon, this five-star blog review and the Twitter love:

  • CRoss-checking my hCard facts with @emilylewis’ Microformats Made Simple. Not bought it yet? Silly bugger!
  • I'm glad I bought Microformats Made Simple by @emilylewis It's a great reference book.
  • Playing with microformats again with @emilylewis awesome book by my side. :)
  • @rowast Love it! @emilylewis has an awesome way of explaining things simply and practically. Highly recommended. :)
  • @rowast Me too. I rarely read books cover to cover. But it's a great reference and may just suck you in. That's not to say @emilylewis sucks
  • Thoroughly enjoying Microformats Made Simple. @emilylewis is one funny and POSH author.
  • @emilylewis Seriously. I've never read a technical book so entertaining. I can't put it down.
  • @emilylewis finally got a round tuit and finished Microformats Made Simple...Nicely done!
  • @candiRSX haha, that's what I'm reading @emilylewis 's book. I like what I'm reading and yes it is pretty simple. #microformats

Don't Pass Go … Don't Collect $200 …

How can you pass up all this microformatty goodness and 35% savings and free US shipping!?

You can't. Go buy a copy now … or at least before the discount code expires on 12/31/2010.

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P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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thomas's Gravatar

thomas opines:


dear emily,

too much of a coincidence that my special friend bugs bunny frequently and accidentally passes by where “the book” on microformats was written. since i am from faar faaar away, i read it utilizing latest technology, that is electricity. with this technique i connect to safaribooksonline where i currently have access to the sheer informative book. since i like it so much i consider buying it in print, or much more preferably, get it in electronic form, pdf preferably. which brings me to my short qustion: is there any chance to get the book in pdf? amazon just sells the kindle version and i would like to add it as pdf to my cookshelf.

love from the old world

Emily's Gravatar

Emily responds:


@Thomas - Unfortunately there isn’t a PDF version available :( Sorry. Not sure if my publisher has any plans for the future, but as of now, no PDF.

Nice Bugs Bunny reference, though :)

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