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Fellow Web Geeks: Just Do It

Jul 29, 2008

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A List Apart's 2008 Survey for People Who Make Websites is here.

I took it and so should you; The survey for people who make websites

Improved from Last Year

Jeffrey Zeldman reports this year's survey features more options for freelancers and small businesses, as well as better internationalization.

It Is Important

The web industry is still relatively young and, as such, there just isn't a whole lot of data out there about the various professions within the industry: salaries, job titles, job responsibilities, benefits, etc., etc.

And it is this sort of information that is needed to help web professionals when searching for new employment, asking for raises, and/or dealing with Human Resources or bosses who don't even understand what a web site is or the difference between a designer and a developer.

Part of the Solution

I'm the first to admit that I constantly complain about the lack of respect I feel at my job with the "higher-ups" who just don't get the web and who don't get what I do (or really even care). But I'm also not one to sit and complain … I will complain while taking action.

So, take some action yourself and take the survey.

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