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July 2012

I Share Because I’m Selfish
One of my passions is sharing information. Writing, podcasting, editing, presenting, teaching, mentoring … they are all active and important parts of my life. I get excited when someone is inspired by a presentation, or when a reader learns something new from an article. It's satisfying to give back to the community, especially one that has taught me so much. But as good as that feels, giving back isn't my motivation. Neither is education. As I discuss in my June…
EE Podcast Survey Results & Listener Mailbag
While I was on vacation (a fantastic vacation), a new episode of the EE Podcast hit the interwebs. In episode 73, Lea and I share the results of our listener survey, and talk about the process of putting the survey together and analyzing the results. We also answer questions our listeners submitted via email and Twitter.
EE Framing Logic with Mrs. Flinger
A new episode of the EE Podcast is available for your listening pleasure! In episode 72, we catch up with the infamous Leslie Doherty, better known as @mrsflinger, to learn about improving the user experience in ExpressionEngine.
Designer-Friendly EE @ Engine Summit
Last month, I was honored to participate in Engine Summit for the second year in a row. Hosted by Environments for Humans, the online conference was a full-day of ExpressionEngine goodness from talented folks like my fabulous co-host Lea Alcantara, Erik Reagan, Joel Bradbury and Mark Huot. For my part, I discussed Designer-Friendly ExpressionEngine, sharing some of the tips and techniques that have made working with EE even better for me, as a designer.

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I'm a freelance web designer of the standardista variety, which means I get excited about things like valid POSH, microformats and accessibility. I ply my trade from my one-person design studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 USA.

A Blog Not Limited is my personal blog where I pontificate about web design, web standards, semantics and whatever else strikes my fancy. Head on over to Emily Lewis Design if you'd like to see my work or, even better, hire me.


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