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May 2012

Sales Isn’t Just Another 4-Letter Word
While I have a fondness for most 4-letter words, “sales” has always been pretty offensive to me. I just didn't have alot of positive impressions of sales, both as an employee in sales and marketing departments, as well as a consumer. When I decided to work for myself, I struggled with sales. In large part due to my negative perception of it. But, as any business owner (eventually) learns, you can't avoid sales. For my May Pastry Box contribution, I…
EllisLab Q&A: ExpressionEngine v2.5
A new episode of the EE Podcast is available for your listening pleasure! In episode 69 we get the latest information about the EE v2.5 update from EllisLab Chief Creative Officer James Mathias and Director of Technology Wes Baker. We also announce the EE Podcast listener survey and t-shirt giveaway!
Efficient EE Templating with DRY
A new episode of the EE Podcast is available for your listening pleasure! For episode 68, John Rogerson returns to the podcast to share more tips on efficient ExpressionEngine development.
Check Yo’ Self Before Ya Wreck Yo’ Project
Since going freelance full-time (almost two full years ago, oh my!), my professional life has been a series of learning experiences. Of course, I'm picking up new techniques and attempting to master new technologies. But the most important lessons, I've discovered, have more to do with who I am (and how I handle myself) as a person and a professional. When I worked as part of a team for my former employers, the success (or failure) of a project was…

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