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December 2011

Here’s Hoping
Outside of my business success, my life this year sucked quite a bit of ass. This may come as a surprise to those of you who don't know me very well. Maybe even to those of you who do. I suppose that's thanks to my nasty habit of pretending everything is fine, when it isn't. So, in honor of breaking that bad habit, I've spent a lot of time the past few weeks thinking about all that happened in my…
EE Podcast Year In Review
For the very last time this year, a new episode of the ExpressionEngine Podcast is available for your listening pleasure! In episode 59, we look back on the past year and discuss the news and events that affected our EE community. Lea and I also pick our favorite add-ons for the year, as well as our favorite episodes since our re-launch this summer.
It's inevitable. As every year comes to a close, I succumb to the cliché of reflecting back on the past 12 months. For me, 2011 was an important year: my first full year solo. And, even better, a successful year for Emily Lewis Design, LLC. I'm immeasurably thankful for my clients who made that success possible. But I wouldn't have those clients without my community. Every single project I worked on this past year can be directly attributed to a…
Professionally speaking, the past 12 months have been fantastic for me and my fledgling business. To be true, my goals weren't of the sky-high variety. For the first eight months of my freelancing adventure, my only goals were: Get an accountant Get a business license Get health insurance Pay my bills Avoid touching my savings as much as possible
Upgrading from EE1 to EE2
Have you been thinking about upgrading to EE2? Still unsure? If so, don't miss the newest episode of the EE Podcast! For episode 58, our friend Ryan Masuga joins us once again! This time, Ryan fills us in on the upgrade process from ExpressionEngine version 1 to version 2.

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