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October 2011

EE Speed Optimization, with Jacob Russell
Coming off the heels of EECI Brooklyn, we've got a new (and bi-coastal!) episode of the EE Podcast for your listening pleasure! Lea joins me post-EECI from Brooklyn for Episode #55, when we talk with Jacob Russell of Devot:ee about optimizing ExpressionEngine.
“If you are going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill, British politician and statesman
Multi-Language Sites Redux, with Nicolas Bottari
A new episode of The ExpressionEngine Podcast is now live and available for your listening pleasure! Episode #54 picks up from our conversation about multi-lingual sites in episode #49. This time around, we focus more on double-byte character sets and nuances with Asian-language sites.
HTML5 <audio> without all the <video>
As you may have heard, I was lucky to be asked to contribute a few chapters to the HTML5 Cookbook (early release eBook now available). One of the chapters I wrote was on HTML5 <audio>, and as I did my research for the chapter I noticed the vast majority of articles and books "covering" <audio> are actually focused on <video>. It's understandable, really, since the two new media elements share most of the same attributes, syntax and implementation strategies. But…
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” — Henry Ford, industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company
EE Polls, Surveys & Quizzes (Oh My!)
A new episode of The ExpressionEngine Podcast is now live and available for your listening pleasure! Episode #53 is all about polls, surveys and quizzes, as Lea and I talk about data gathering with ExpressionEngine.

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