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November 2008

Rockin’ a Blue Beanie for Web Standards
Today is the 2nd annual Blue Beanie Day to promote the awareness of web standards and accessibility. Of course, as a self-professed standardista, I just had to participate.
Useful Tweets 4
Recycled tweets from the previous week that included links to web design resources, interesting products, comics, etc. Follow me on Twitter if you need your Emily fix now.
Reading Is Fundamental
“I honestly believe there is absolutely nothing like going to bed with a good book. Or a friend who's read one.” — Phyllis Diller, American comedienne
Useful Tweets 3
Recycled tweets from the previous week that included links to web design resources, interesting products, comics, etc. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you don't want to wait for this linky goodness.
Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 7: Themes & Issues
According to what I planned when I introduced this series, we are at the end of this thrilling and exciting journey into the world of microformats. And after spending all this time reviewing specific implementations of microformats on A Blog Not Limited, I didn't want to just end the series without some sort of conclusion. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm not ready to conclude this series. There are still more microformats that…
Useful Tweets 2
Second installment of my Useful Tweets series, where I "recycle" tweets from the previous week. These "useful tweets" are those where I've shared links to web design resources, interesting products, comics, etc. And you can always follow me on Twitter if you just can't wait for your Emily fix.
WTF Is the Big Deal? Don't Use <table> for Layout!
Yesterday, Chris Heilmann threw together Should I use tables for layout?. It gave me a nice chuckle and I shared it on Twitter. Not even 12 hours later, I stumbled across this "gem" on Twitter: Give Up and Use Tables. Yes, I do have a sense of humor and, yes, I do appreciate that CSS can be a challenge, even for seasoned professionals. But what the fuck is the big deal with learning to do one's job well using the…
Getting Semantic With Microformats, Part 6: hResume
I began this series a little over two months ago. I wanted to share my love of microformats and detail how I've implemented them, in hopes of encouraging more people to embrace them. So far, I've covered a lot: Rel-based microformats in Part 1 XFN in Part 2 hCard in Part 3 hCalendar in Part 4 hAtom in Part 5 And now, as I conclude this series, it is time to talk about the hResume microformat which is used to…
Useful Tweets 1
I use Twitter and I tweet a lot. But I consciously aim for a good "signal to noise ratio," providing links to stuff I've found and want to share. Everything from information about web standards, accessibility and design, to comics and interesting products. It recently occurred to me that this is micro-blogging (yeah, I'm slow), and that I could "recycle" these tweets to 1) share with folks who don't follow me on Twitter and 2) generate blog content, especially when…
Back on Track … Finally
As I've blogged previously, I've been doing the 100 push ups program. And, as I've also blogged previously, my progress has been slower than the program's "advertised" six weeks. Yet, I've been extremely pleased with my (slow) progress. From my first exhaustion test of 9 push ups, I've more than quadrupled my maximum with an exhaustion test of 41 push ups. I hit a plateau along the way, stuck at a max of 33 push ups for almost 7 weeks.…

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