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Emily Lewis

Multimedia Literacy for Educators, University of New Mexico

Monday, May 4, 2009

About Me

What I'll Talk About


How I Got Here

Foundation in communication, not computers or the Web

And Then I Met HTML

Though the medium changed, the focus remains on communication

Challenge #1: Education

Overwhelming lack of quality, formal education curricula for the Web

Working to Change the (Sorry) State of Web Education

Focus on web standards and best practices to teach students the skills to be a web professional.

Give educators tools and information to properly instruct students.

Challenge #2: Gender Disparity

"Lies, damned lies and statistics" — Mark Twain

Are There Really Fewer Women?

I suspect the answer is no.

Challenge #3: Sexism

The Web is no different than any other facet of life. Sexism exists.

Getting Past Gender & Sex

I don't have the solution. I just know what I'm doing is working (so far).

Getting Past Myself

All of these strategies are human. They are relevant regardless of gender.

Social Media: Leveling the Playing Field?

Case Study: The Power of Social Media

Case Study: The Power of Social Media (cont.)

Case Study: The Power of Social Media (cont.)

Closing Thoughts

As educators, you have the unique opportunity to take action that can affect how your students perceive not only technology, but themselves and others.

The Web Is Wonderful

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